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LODI LPG Portable Infrared Grill with Case 100% ORIGINAL •BUILDMATE•

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Original price ₱2,500.00 - Original price ₱2,500.00
Original price ₱2,500.00
₱2,500.00 - ₱2,500.00
Current price ₱2,500.00

LODI LPG Portable Infrared Grill with Case 100% ORIGINAL •BUILDMATE•


Powered by Butane Gas

with free case



• High safety function with direct gas cut-off devise (New Japan Technology), auto reset, auto release.

• Use infrared energy Food will not be burnt

• Use special stainless steel durable with time, safety for food.


• Only need several second to start the appliance

• Reduce cost three time in comparison with coal cooker and electric cooker.


• Import component from JAPAN.

• Can grill all food: Fish, Shrimp, beef, meat and vegetables.


• Luxurious, tide, easy to use

• Easy to move, Easy to adjust

• Multi Grill, stick grill, tail grill

• Grilling food become easy  suitable for family, restaurant and camping.

Advantages using infrared grill.

- Infrared grilling is one of the newest trends in outdoor cooking. An infrared grill is a gas grill that uses infrared technology as the heat source or as an optional burner. In a conventional gas grill, the flame heats the grates directly. But in infrared grill, there are element between the grates and the flame. The gas heats the infrared element, which then radiates intense heat to the food.

✅Quick Preheat

✅Even Heat

✅Faster Cooking

✅Food Taste Better

✅Steakhouse Quality

✅Minimal Flare-ups

✅Energy Efficient

✅Easy to Clean

✅Good for Outdoor Activities

✅Less Fuel Use

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