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BUILDMATE Ingco 3 IN 1 Cylinder Brush Set 9" Acrylic Paint Roller Brush Tray Inner Wall Painting IHT

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Original price ₱960.00
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Original price ₱960.00
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Current price ₱480.00

BUILDMATE Ingco 3 IN 1 Cylinder Brush Set 9" Acrylic Paint Roller Brush Tray Inner Wall for Professional DIY Indoor and Outdoor Painting HKTCB032301| HKTCB09122 IHT


►Model: HKTCB03230
►Tray Color: Yellow
►Material: Acrylic
►Cylinder Brush Size: 230mm / 9" Bigger size roller cover
►Fiber height: 12mm
►Paint Tray Size: 435x300x7.5mm
►Suitable for Inner Wall 6mm Central Shank
►With 1pc Paint Tray
►With 1pc Acrylic Cylinder Brush

►Model: HKTCB09122
►Tray Color: Black
►Cylinder Brush Size: 230mm / 9" Inch
►Fibre Height: 12mm
►Diameter of Shank: 5.7mm
►Paint tray size: 405 x 293mm
►With 1pc Acrylic Cylinder Brush
►With 1pc Black Paint Tray

►Completion of construction clean and dry can be used multiple times
►Proper Paint Pick Up and Release Evenly for all Paints and Stains.
►Perfect on Smooth, Semi-gloss Surfaces and Rough Walls. Ideal Interior/ Exterior Painting Tools.
►The series of painting rollers have been tested and proven to be working with watercolor, acrylic, latex, epoxy, varnish, water based and oil based coating, also anti-rust paint and mixed paint. Resistant to all solvents.
►INTERIOR & EXTERIOR HOME IMPROVEMENT - Make your home pop with gorgeous color tones, stunning accent trims and all the customized painting motifs available with this incredible set. Perfect for painting walls, ceilings and drywall or staining floors and decks.

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